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Questions to Ask About Senior Care Management

posted by Samantha Cox on June 15, 2021

Even if you live near your aging relative, do you always know what’s going on with them? Do they let you know when they need help, or do they try to go it alone, doing the best they can? Making sure your older loved ones are getting the proper support is a top priority, but it can be hard to accomplish. Hiring senior care management services can make that goal more attainable. Before you jump into that, though, you need to get some questions answered. 

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Elements of a Premium Home Care Company- Specialized Training

posted by Ted Ryan on October 29, 2015

As baby boomers are turning gray and life expectancies rise, entrepreneurs are seeing profitable opportunities in private duty home care. With so many companies popping up, what differentiates the best from the rest?

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St. Louis Home Care - Finding the Best Fit

posted by Ted Ryan on February 24, 2015

When it comes to finding care services for a loved one, you don’t want any caregiver – you want the best. Many considerations go into selecting an in-home care provider so thorough screening and background checks are key.  

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$300,000 - The Unseen Costs of Family Caregiving

posted by Ted Ryan on June 17, 2014

Nearly 10 million adults over the age of 50 care for an aging parent. It is often an assumed duty for adult children. Some wish, or feel obligated, to repay a parent for their years of care and upbringing. Others believe it is more cost effective for a family member to provide care.Read More…

Worried about aging parents? 5 Tips for Getting Help

posted by Ted Ryan on January 27, 2014

Holiday visits can be an unexpected glimpse at the reality of an aging parent’s condition. While a holiday visit may not be the appropriate time to address a concern, it’s important not to let it slip away once the busyness of the season has passed.

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24-Hour In-Home Care – Uses and Benefits to Seniors and their Family Caregivers

posted by Ted Ryan on February 12, 2013

More than ever, seniors are spending their golden years in the comfort of home. This is largely due to the availability of 24-hour care – full-time in-home assistance and supervision to individuals who would otherwise need to move into an assisted living facility.

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Senior Estate Planning - Long Term Care

posted by Ted Ryan on January 29, 2013

When planning one’s estate and legal affairs, it’s important to start early to avoid conflict or complications in the event of an emergency or sudden decline in the condition of an elderly loved one.

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Home Care Habits - Is Your Family Suffering?

posted by Ryan Whittington on April 09, 2012

Hiring a private duty home care company to assist in your home can be a big decision.  Finding an agency that has the right mix of caregiver personality, skills, trust and reliability are all important and once you find this mix, you may start to overlook key indicators of compromised care.

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Home Care Company Morale - 10 Warning Signs Yours Is Dipping

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 21, 2012

Low morale can easily creep into a company with a mobile workforce without supervisors realizing it. But once it’s there, it’s hard to root out.

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Companionship Services Exemption - Review Your Process

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 13, 2012

In Missouri, among other states, home care workers provide care to clients who are either restricted to their home or have chosen to receive care at home.  When long hours are involved, one way many agencies provide this care is by utilizing the caregiver companionship services exemption. 

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Case Management

Professional Caregivers - Who are you leaving your loved one with?

posted by Ryan Whittington on September 09, 2011

When choosing a home care company, you should be looking at the caregivers who they employ.  The person you talk to on the phone or at a trade show may do and say all of the right things, but how do you know your loved one will receive the best care.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Home Care

posted by Ryan Whittington on August 31, 2011

Choosing quality care for aging relatives can be one of the most important decisions any of us will make.  We want our loved ones to be comfortable but also safe and well cared for.  Senior home care services can be the answer for many consumers. These services allow seniors to stay comfortably in their own homes but also provide for qualified professionals to visit regularly to ensure quality care.  There are five important questions anyone should answer before hiring a service:

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Aging Senior Needs - Home Care Resources in the Community

posted by Ryan Whittington on August 05, 2011

Finding resources in your community can be a challenging task.  Ask a family member caring for a loved one, and they will tell you there are times they feel as though the chips have been stacked against them and they just needed help.  As a home care provider, Seniors Home Care regularly helps seniors in the community connect with reliable resources in a attempt to improve the quality of live for seniors in need.

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Weight Loss Among the Elderly - Is It Due to Depression or Dementia?

posted by Ryan Whittington on July 14, 2011

At Seniors Home Care we empower our caregivers and staff by providing ongoing training programs.  This information is also helpful to family caregivers who may have noticed a loved one's weight loss.

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Case Management

SHC Express Club - Are Your Home Care Needs Ever Changing?

posted by Ryan Whittington on April 21, 2011

What would you do if you could no longer drive?  Or you were unable to get to your doctor's appointments, see friends at social outings, or even go grocery shopping?

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Financial Planners: How to Help Your Clients With Pre-Dementia

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 23, 2011

As a financial planner, you may have known some of your clients to experience dementia realated symptoms over the years. You may be one of the first groups of professionals to identify and face the effects of early cognitive struggles. Alzheimer's and other congnitive imparment diseases can progress quickly and financial management concerns should be addressed.

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Paying for Home Care Services- What You Should Know

posted by Ryan Whittington on February 09, 2011

In Home Care Services, some agencies provide one, some or all of the possible services available. Home Care Services fall into 5 general categories.

  • Homemaker Services
  • Personal Care Services
  • Meal Services
  • Home Health Care Services
  • Skilled Health Care Services

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Respite Care: Out-of-Home and In Home Care Options

posted by Ryan Whittington on January 31, 2011

Respite care can be defined as a short or long term break from caregiving responsibilities for caregivers or family members.  Caregivers and family members regularly deal with situations including caring for children or adults with disabilities, or chronic or terminal illnesses.

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Affording Home Care and Long Term Care

posted by Ryan Whittington on January 12, 2011

With everyone finding ways to stretch their funds, I went to my mom, Kit Whittington RN, BSN, owner of Seniors Home Care and posed the question:

"How can a family maximize their home care dollar?"

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The Number One Medication Management Tip: Pay Attention to the Details

posted by Ryan Whittington on December 23, 2010

The ability of the elderly to manage their medications is often a concern to the family. These concerns of the family often become a point of contention between themselves and the elder. At what point does the family step in?

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What You Need to Know When Choosing an In-Home Care Provider - Part 2 of 2

posted by Ryan Whittington on December 14, 2010

In a previous post I outlined several ways to select private duty home care.  In this article I will provide additional questions you should be asking potential private duty home care providers.

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Overwhelmed Caregivers: Tips When Asking for Help

posted by Ryan Whittington on December 06, 2010

An area of concern that I get asked about the most is finding someone to give the caregiver a break to care for the elderly.  More commonly, this was called respite care.

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Planning for Long Term Care - Long Term Care Insurance

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 29, 2010

There are many considerations to take when purchasing a long term care insurance policy.  In this article I am going to highlight several talking points.

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The Seniors Home Care Difference - Gaining Your Trust

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 15, 2010

When I am talking with our clients, they tell me that trust is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.  Trust is huge.  How does a family know if a caregiver is going to steal money from a wallet, know what to do in the home or not be on their cell phone the whole time?

When you look for home care services, you are really looking for someone you can trust.  At Seniors Home Care we understand.

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What You Need to Know When Choosing an In-Home Care Provider - Part 1 of 2

posted by Ryan Whittington on November 10, 2010

Living in the comfort of their own home is a rapidly increasing choice among the elderly as physical capabilities inevitably diminish.  The need for help outside the family becomes a real necessity.  When living at home with minimal help becomes too difficult or dangerous, it may be time to consider an in-home care provider.  Professional caregivers enable the elderly to maintain their dignity, receiving safe and reliable care in the comfort of thier home, while avoiding uncomfortable situations such as nursing homes.  Another important benefit is the respite and peace-of-mind that family members gain from knowing their loved one's are properly cared for.  Additionally, as hospital stays become shorter, an increasing number of patients need highly competent caregiver services when they return home.

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Senior Care at Home - Medication Management

posted by Ryan Whittington on October 18, 2010

The average, relatively healthy senior takes 4-5 prescription medications and 2 over-the-counter medications per day.

Those seniors with more complex conditions may take 12-15 medications daily. 

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Case Management

Home Care Basics

posted by Ryan Whittington on October 08, 2010

Home care services fall into five general categories, although some home care agencies may offer multiple services and have more than one service provided by the same person from their agency.

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