The Seniors Home Care Difference - Gaining Your Trust

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posted by Ryan Whittington on November 15, 2010

When I am talking with our clients, they tell me that trust is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.  Trust is huge.  How does a family know if a caregiver is going to steal money from a wallet, know what to do in the home or not be on their cell phone the whole time?

When you look for home care services, you are really looking for someone you can trust.  At Seniors Home Care we understand. 

When your father needs help getting to and from the shower, you trust that the caregiver coming over is going to be trained to not only hold his hand but also make sure that the water is not too hot/cold or that the floor is not wet so that he does not fall.  We understand.

When your mother, who now suffers from glaucoma and can no longer drive, becomes unable to attend the garden club meeting which she has been active in for over 30 years, you trust that a caregiver will be just what you are looking for.  You want the person to be able to provide such a great experience that your mother will not have a problem telling her friends that she needed to reach out for help.  We get it.

Trust is built over time but some initial steps can be taken to lay a solid bedrock.

Caregiver Orientation

All caregivers come into the office to be oriented by the same nurse that visited your family.  This increases caregiver confidence and understanding and continuity.  A confident caregiver, given the proper tools and information, is what you need.

Caregiver Trustworthiness

All SHC caregivers are handpicked from the best of the best.  Ask a SHC caregiver and they will tell you that there were several items during the application process they had to complete on their own.  For us, this shows taking responsibility, follow-through and dedication.  All forms of trust.

A Familiar Face

One of our top goals is to provide the same caregiver on each visit.  Sometimes with complex schedules, this is not possible; after all our caregivers do need to sleep.  In most cases though there is minimal turnover and you can trust that we know this is important.

I am reminded every day how much our clients, their families and professionals in the community trust the abilities of Seniors Home Care by their drive to tell others how our services have positively changed their lives.  If you feel that you would like to tell someone about Seniors Home Care, contact us and I will tell you how.

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