National Nurses Week - A Salute to Our Superheroes in Scrubs

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posted by Ted Ryan on May 06, 2014

Every year from May 6 to May 12 we celebrate National Nurses Week, in honor of Florence Nightingale (born on May 12), who is widely regarded as the founder of modern nursing.

Known as “The Lady with the Lamp,” Nightingale would often make her rounds at night, carrying a lamp, treating wounded soldiers during the Crimean war. In 1860, she founded a nursing school providing the first type of professional nursing establishment in the world.

At SHC, and throughout the home health care field, nurses are an integral part of allowing seniors to age safely in the comfort of home.

For SHC, this may be most evident in founder, Kit Whittington’s decision to spend her non-working hours earning certification as a Registered Nurse to better understand the medical side of caregiving. The result led Seniors Home Care to the success and veteran status we are proud to hold to this day.

We thank our on-staff nurses – Kit, Karen, Alice and Liz – and all of the nurses out there for their hard work, service and dedication. From initial assessments and care plan development to continuous follow-up and advocacy to caregiver training, a nurse’s job is never done.

At SHC, we’re thankful for our nurses every day, this week reminds us to make sure we say it.

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