15 Gift Ideas for Seniors

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posted by Ted Ryan on December 08, 2016

Shopping for elderly loved ones can be difficult. They’ve accumulated a lifetime of gifts and may feel they have everything they need. However, needs change with age and it is possible to find a treat to make a senior’s holiday season a little more special.

It doesn’t have to be exhausting or expensive to be heartwarming and practical. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Blankets – Modern customizable options make them personal and fun.
  • Gift basket – Make practical gifts more personal. Choose favorite soaps, lotions, foods or even basic items like stamps and stationary!
  • Technology – Smartphones and tablets are a great way to stay in touch through programs like Skype and Facetime.
  • Kitchen and household tools – There are stores for senior-friendly products, such as Arthritis Supplies and Seniors Emporium.
  • Photos – Frame a favorite picture or fill an electronic frame with photos of family, friends and fond memories. Or, set aside time to create a scrapbook together or go through and update old albums.
  • Calendars – Help keep track of the date and remember appointments, as well as events to look forward to. You can also create custom calendars with familiar and favorite photos.
  • Food items – Bake favorites, healthy snacks, or anything to enjoy together or with a friend – just make sure it won’t interfere with any of the elder’s medications or conditions
  • Activities for grandchildren – This can be puzzles and games for grandparents to enjoy with their grandchildren, or coloring books and toys to play with while the adults catch up.
  • Music and movies – These can be enjoyed together. Also, music has been proven to benefit seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Time – Time together is the best gift of all. Plan a dinner date or get a gift certificate for elder loved ones to use with friends or family at a favorite place.
  • In-home assistance – This is a great way to introduce home care to someone who is hesitant or opposed to it. An occasional helper can show the benefits of getting a bit of assistance, which will also make it easier if future care is needed.

Home care is also a great way to treat yourself or a family caregiver in your life. The gift or respite allows family caregivers to enjoy stress-free time with loved ones, or provides an opportunity to get out to enjoy holiday functions or do a bit of shopping.

If you or someone you know would benefit from the help of private duty home care, please contact us. We’re here to help make your season bright. 

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