April 2014 Archives

Dangers of Grapefruit...and Other Medication Interactions to Beware Of

posted by Ted Ryan on April 30, 2014

Medication interaction is an important concern when caring for seniors because they are generally at the highest risk, due to the likelihood of taking numerous prescription and over-the-counter medications.
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The Inside Scoop on Seniors & Nutrition

posted by Ted Ryan on April 23, 2014

You know that it’s important get proper nutrition, but are you aware of its growing significance as we age? Eating can play a key role in staying healthy and independent in later years of life.

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Spring Cleaning Means a Renewed Outlook for Seniors

posted by Ted Ryan on April 16, 2014

Warm weather is arriving in St. Louis, and for many that means spring cleaning. The seasonal tradition is especially important for seniors who may no longer be able to keep up with household chores. The upcoming weeks are also a terrific time to lift your loved ones’ spirits and renew a positive outlook after a sometimes depressing time of the year.

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6 Simple Tips for Staying Vibrant as a Senior

posted by Ted Ryan on April 09, 2014

The benefits of staying healthy are universal but become increasingly important with age. Following these basic guidelines can help continue a happy and fulfilling life for as long as possible.Read More…