Breast Cancer Awareness – Calculate Your Risk

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posted by Ted Ryan on October 28, 2014

As the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws near, we’re sharing two interactive online tools to help determine your risk of developing the disease that effects so many lives.

The Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

This interactive tool (found at was designed by scientists at the National Cancer Institute and the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project to estimate a woman’s risk of developing invasive breast cancer.

Your Disease Risk

In addition to breast cancer, this resource (found at offers questionnaires to determine risk of other forms of cancer, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, emphysema, heart disease, osteoporosis and stroke. Using the information provided, this tool also identifies personalized tips to prevent developing the disease chosen.

The findings of these resources are not definitive. However, they are a terrific way to raise awareness of potential risk and lifestyle changes that may lower it. For a more accurate determination, print your online risk results and review them with your doctor.

At SHC, we have helped clients take preventative measures such as maintaining an appropriate diet and fitness routine, or ensuring that medical appointments are never missed. If we may be of service to you or a loved one, please contact us.  

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