Diabetes, Bunions and Heel Pain – Be Nice to Your Feet

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posted by Ted Ryan on September 24, 2013

As many as 87% of Americans report having had painful feet at some time in their lives. Furthermore, one in three people over the age of 65 has foot pain, stiffness or aching feet.

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes cause damage to blood vessels and peripheral nerves that can result in problems, such as loss of feeling, in the legs and feet. Additionally, poor blood flow may cause ordinary issues to take longer to heal or develop in to serious conditions.

Several common issues often associated with diabetes and aging include:

  • Bunions – a bony growth or misaligned bone at the base of the big toe, sometimes causing it to bend inward
  • Calluses and corns – thick, hardened, dead skin
  • Hammertoes – an abnormal bend in the middle joint of the toe
  • Heel pain (often in the form of plantar fasciitis – an inflamed ligament along the bottom of the heel)

Foot pain is not something you should just accept.

Often foot comfort comes down to choosing the right shoe. Poorly-fitting shoes are a leading cause of foot problems. As we age, our feet widen and flatten. The padding on the sole of the foot can also wear down. Proper footwear can provide huge relief. If it’s not a fitting issue, orthotic inserts may provide a solution. For the common plantar fasciitis, try an insert with proper arch support.

Over the counter inserts may provide some relief, however, your situation may require a custom approach.  Brooke Burris, certified pedorthist at Medical West, finds that creating custom inserts by using a cast of the foot and specifically selected materials is often an ideal solution.

Care for the entire body, including your feet, will allow you and your loved ones to control the way you age.  If you have interest in or questions about home health care, contact us at SHC. We’re here to help!

Seniors Home Care offers our experiences only. Despite our extensive medical knowledge, we are not doctors. Therefore, before making any decisions or forming an opinion, you should talk to your doctor about individual circumstances.

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