Senior Friendly Activities To Beat The Heat

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posted by Ted Ryan on August 07, 2012

Another steamy summer is upon us, but don’t start that three month air-conditioned hibernation just yet. St. Louis offers lots of good times that won’t work up a sweat. These are five of our favorite senior-friendly summer activities.

While a picnic in Forest Park is less desirable in July than it was in May, there’s no need to avoid our beautiful park. Venues such as the St. Louis Art Museum, Science Center and History Museum offer fine escapes from the summer sun. The St. Louis Zoo celebrated the grand opening of its new Sea Lion Sound on July 30th. Ifyou’re brave enough to fare the heat make sure to visit the refreshingly chilly penguin house. As the summer winds down, catch the 40th Anniversary of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, September 14-16.

If the massive scale of Forest Park isn’t what you’re looking for, check out the local library. St. Louis’ many neighborhood libraries, serve as more than mere buildings full of books. Events such as the Wednesday Night Senior Film Series at the Hampton Avenue location are an excellent way to get out and about. Nearly every library provides some form of book discussions, readings, movie nights and other social events on a regular basis.

Another excellent activity with locations throughout town is the community Farmers’ Market. While the Soulard Farmers’ Market may be the best known, there are many others worth visiting for fresh, locally-produced goods. Start the weekend by beating the heat and visiting an area Farmers’ Market. Take a trip to the North City Farmers’ Market and follow it with a treat from the landmark Crown Candy Kitchen right across the street.

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, located in the beautiful Central West End neighborhood, is a spectacle that will awe visitors of any religious background.  Made up of approximately 41.5 million glass pieces, the mosaics that line the walls of the Cathedral make up the largest collection in the world. The Cathedral is open daily from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Guided tours are offered daily between 10:00am and 4:00pm. To ensure a spot, calling ahead for reservations is recommended.

There is never a shortage of live entertainment around town and St. Louis houses many beautiful theaters. The Peabody Opera House is a splendid place to catch a show or take a tour of the newly renovated venue. Similarly, the Fabulous Fox Theater boasts an impressive history and fine entertainment twelve months a year. Like the Peabody, if there isn’t a show that strikes your fancy, the Fox offers tours of their marvelous facility throughout the week.

The list doesn’t have to stop at five. These are only a few of many popular local activities. Feel free to comment and share your favorite summer escapes. Furthermore, if you, or someone you know, dread spending the summers holed up at home but are apprehensive to venture out alone, give us a call. We have a caregiver to help get the most out of your summer.

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