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Elderly Fall Prevention

posted by Ted Ryan on September 19, 2017

The fear of falling is understandable. A simple fall can have life altering effects and potentially lead to loss of independence. However, it’s important not to let the fear of falling lead to inactivity, which further increases fall risk by decreasing strength, balance and flexibility. Luckily, there are ways for seniors to prevent falls.

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National Senior Citizens Day - August 21

posted by Ted Ryan on August 16, 2017

August 21 marks National Senior Citizens Day, which originated in 1988 when President Ronald Regan issued Proclamation 5847. On this day, people are encouraged to recognize and show appreciation for the value and contribution of elderly people to home, family and society.

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Happy National Parents' Day

posted by Ted Ryan on July 20, 2017

Sunday marks National Parents' Day. The holiday, which occurs every year on the fourth Sunday in July, is a day to be with family and show love, gratitude and affection to parents and parental figures for the role they play in our lives.

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Summer Heat Safety for St. Louis Seniors

posted by Ted Ryan on June 28, 2017

St. Louis summers bring the heat, which can be particularly dangerous for the elderly population. Aging decreases the body’s ability to adjust to heat and sense temperature extremes, making the elderly more susceptible to heat-related disorders. Luckily, there are ways to help prevent heat-related conditions.Read More…

Spring Outings for Seniors in St. Louis

posted by Ted Ryan on March 06, 2017

Spring weather is here and many St. Louisans are taking the opportunity to get out and end their cabin fever. There are many opportunities for seniors and their loved ones to enjoy spring in St. Louis. Here are a few favorites.

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15 Gift Ideas for Seniors

posted by Ted Ryan on December 08, 2016

Shopping for elderly loved ones can be difficult. They’ve accumulated a lifetime of gifts and may feel they have everything they need. However, needs change with age and it is possible to find a treat to make a senior’s holiday season a little more special.

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Seniors Home Care Blog | St. Louis Home Care

Happy Thanksgiving from SHC!

posted by Ted Ryan on November 21, 2016

This time of year, we set aside time to acknowledge everything we are thankful for and spend time with loved ones. 

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Fall Fun for Seniors & Families

posted by Ted Ryan on November 14, 2016

Cooler weather and beautiful changing leaves make fall a great time for family activities. These are a few activities we think are worth checking out.

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Clear Out Old Equipment for a Good Cause

posted by Ted Ryan on October 05, 2016

St. Louis HELP (Health Equipment Lending Program) provides a better option than uselessly storing old equipment. The non-profit organization provides people in need with access to free home medical equipment through their recycle and reuse program. 

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Free St. Louis Flu Shots 2016

posted by Ted Ryan on September 20, 2016

Flu season is on the horizon, making this the best time to get your yearly flu shot. The flu shot is the best way to prevent getting sick but takes two weeks to begin protecting you, so it is wise to act early. This is also a great time to get a flu shot because October is filled with opportunities to get it for free. The following calendar includes upcoming free flu shot opportunities in St. Louis. 

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